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Our Clients and Industry Experience


The following is a representative listing of our clients.

Wilson Marketing Group's clients include high-tech, manufacturing, metal fabrication, plastics, health care, and agricultural companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies and multi-national conglomerates to start-ups.

Our clients all have one thing in common – they are growth-oriented and sell to the corporate market. Our client base is diverse, covering a variety of industries, including financial institutions, manufacturing, health care, and utilities. Our goal is to work with them to create a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets and to impact key revenue metrics in the shortest amount of time possible. We work with firms such as .....



Custom Eyes, Inc.

Park Industries

Acrometal, Inc.

Daily Printing Inc.

Physical Electronics


Despatch Industries

Progress Casting Group

AmeriStar Manufacturing

Dunwoody College


A-Tek Inc.

FSI International

Remmele Engineering

Bankers System, Inc.

GE/IT Solutions

7 SIGMA, Inc.

Bermo, Inc.

Graco, Inc.

SBM Companies

Bosch Packaging/TL Systems

GN Resound Inc.

Schott Corp.

Cable Access - St. Paul

H.B. Fuller

Tecnetics Industries

Cargill Inc.

Hysitron, Inc.

Tescom, Inc.

Carl Zeiss IMT, Inc.

Image Rotomolding

The Mosaic Company

Casting Technology, Inc.

Leisure Line Industries

Tulsa Tube Bending

City of Lakeville


Turck, Inc.

Cold Spring Granite

ME Global

Xcel Energy

Cenveo (Colorhouse)

MTS Systems Corp.

Zomax, Inc.

Conwed Plastics, Inc.

Northwest Swissmatic

... and many more

Industries Experience 

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and multi-national conglomerates; mid-caps and start-ups. We typically work for CEOs, business unit heads and other members of the senior management team.

We work with companies across all industries to develop unique, customized, and comprehensive strategies that deliver lasting results. Our expertise, state-of-the-art knowledge and experience has helped clients in these industries:

Specialization, Insight and Experience

                > Agribusiness

                 > Technology

                > Chemical

                 > Manufacturing/Distribution

                > Computer Hardware/Software

                 > Metal Fabrication

                > Consumer Products

                  > Medical Technology

                > Contract Manufacturing

                  > Printing

                > Financial Services

                  > Plastics

                > Electronic Equipment

                  > Public Utilities

                > Electronic Instruments

                  > Scientific Instrumentation

                > Energy

                  > Telecommunications

                > Health Care Services


We want to have a serious, double-digit impact on your performance and profitability.

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